The history of macaroni is very ancient and enigmatic. This type of pasta mentioned for the
first time in late 1200 has undergone a real evolution in its consumption methodology over

time. Macaroni as well as several other pasta shapes reach the peak of fame in the 1500s:
from this period onwards, the pasta is transformed from a niche product to popular. This
consumer revolution exploded in 1700 when, in the city of Naples, the first pasta making
machines began to spread. To date, macaroni is among the most popular and appreciated
pasta shapes. We produce our maccheroncini with first choice produce and thanks to the
rough and porous surface they perfectly match with full-bodied and tasty sauces.  
From Maestri della Pasta we offer you macaroni as protagonists of a great classic of Italian
cuisine: pasta all’Amatriciana. The rough surface of the pasta retains and absorbs the
Amatriciana sauce that we produce daily with Amatrice Guanciale, fresh tomatoes from
Pachino and Pecorino Romano PDO.

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