What does it mean to be Italian?

Being Italian means being joyful, it means being passionate, it means looking for quality in details and genuine fresh produce.

The passion of Italians for good food is renowned and comes from a long history of intertwining traditions and thanks to the greatest biodiversity of this planet, has allowed Italians to experience a myriad of flavors and innovations.

From this passion and this research came the Mediterranean diet: a cuisine made of carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins that is recognised as highly healthy and well balanced. It is no coincidence that the Italian people are among the longest-lived people in the world.

We are what we eat: this is the truth!

We have been fortunate to be born and grow in Italy, nourishing ourselves according to the tradition handed down by our families.
This fast-changing world, however, leads to more and more haste and can devote less and less time for searching a healthy and balanced diet.

That's why we gave birth to the ‘Maestri della Pasta’: we want to bring Italianness to the world!

This Italianity is made of health, joy, smiles, friendship, taste, quality and ability to savoring the moment.

We want to keep our tradition alive and offer it to you who is always on the run.

So, you can improve your lifestyle and your mood with a nice dish of pasta! 

We Italians have many faults, but on one thing we are never wrong: we know how to enjoy a good meal!


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