How was ‘Maestri della Pasta born?

We were born during a Sunday lunch in early summer, between friends and their families.

Try to imagine this scenario:

a small terrace of a small farmhouse, set on the hills of the Ligurian coast; the scent of the typical summer sea, when iodines are released and the Tyrrhenian foam is dispersed in the air; a light breeze caresses the guests and lets the tablecloth dance with white and yellow squares.

Some husbands engage in playful fights with children, others help to prepare the table, the last latecomers arrive with a bottle of wine to be forgiven.

Wives, on the other hand, are renowned and committed to help grandma in the kitchen.

 All a ferment, a happy ferment!

Everyone playing their own role in creating a real family moment.

The grandfather looks pleased, observing from his armchair what comes and goes. An eye on the sea, and an eye on the grandchildren.

Almost all of us have a long-lived past in catering, but life has led us to other professions, to travel Europe and - in some cases - the world.

Everyone in our unconscious has always wanted to go back to living in this way: surrounded by true affections, with real family ties and simple thoughts.

We did not know yet that some moments later something would happen in us!

A simple dish of pasta?

And here the grandmother, followed by our satisfied wives, leaves the kitchen with a pot in hand.

Asking us to sit down immediately because "otherwise it gets cold!"

How much love in a single gesture?

After a morning to prepare lunch, the only desire is to see the satisfaction and pleasure in the guests, while they taste what has been created for them.

Total dedication to the family. With the intent to convey to all of us also those same true values ​​that were used to raise us.

We sit down instantly - of course - both for fear of terrible retaliation from our Grandma, like being hit on your hands with a kitchen spoon and because we are impatient to taste what has been prepared!

Grandma goes around the table and begins to serve her historical linguine with fresh pesto (with pine nuts and string beans), we are already drooling!

It's almost a family event, when Grandma wakes up early in the morning and starts making pasta dough for preparing linguine!

When you sit with us, we thank you and start eating. And that's when something special happens.

It is not the first lunch together, it is not the first dish of linguine with grandma's pesto, it is certainly not the first Sunday in the family!

Yet after a few bites we start to exchange a few glances.

They are intense looks, looks that look for other looks. An idea is born within us.

Perhaps it was the speeches of the morning, talk about how well you are with the family and how stressful life is in the European metropolises.

Perhaps it is the fact that we have all been together and are afraid of not having the opportunity to redo it.

The fact is that at one point one of us gets up and says: "Why not open a fresh pasta shop?"

Looks amazed, especially grandmother who already fears of having to share with us his secrets.

It seems like yesterday! Yet we are already here.

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