Raimondo Mendolia
Raimondo Mendolia

Raimondo Mendolia: our Master Pasta Maker

When selecting the person that would have the task of bringing our fresh pasta to life, we knew that one of the greatest Italian experts and masters in fresh pasta-making would be perfect for the job: Raimondo Mendolia.

The desire to bring the most traditional Italian dish to the world and the name "Maestri Della Pasta" - which translates to "Masters of Pasta" - mean great responsibility.
This is why we chose to look for the guidance of an absolute high-level professional for creating our menu and our pasta.

The pasta you enjoy in our shops is an expression of our passion, our love for our product and our respect for tradition. It is also an expression of the extreme competence of a world-renowned teacher, guide, consultant and master pasta maker!

One of the things that certifies Raimondo’s great capabilities is that he is considered an expert by wine and food critics as well as the Italian press.
He often appears as a guest on programmes for national Italian broadcasting network RAI, which has one of the most complex audiences to win over!

What better guarantee is there?

A Little Bit About Raimondo

Raimondo was born and raised in Genoa where he developed a profound love for the art of cooking.
He is a chef with high-level expertise and a master pasta maker that works as an international business consultant. He also teaches in various hospitality and catering institutes.  

Raimondo is a professional in constant search of perfection.
He personally selects his ingredients and loves to experiment with juxtaposing flavour.
This enables him to keep innovating while exalting traditional flavours in a whole new way. 
In his hands, pasta becomes a gem capable of transporting all the senses through a flavourful journey that is ever respectful of the typical characteristics of each territory.

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