Our staff is all Italian!

What better way to get an authentic Italian experience than to get your pasta dish prepared by Italians?

Who tastes our pasta is bewitched, is conquered and can no longer do without it.
It is obvious: our pasta makers do nothing but bring you the tradition of their homes, their youth and therefore the history of Italian home cooking.

 Who would not fall in love?

 To taste our pasta means to taste the work of skilled hands, formed in the best Italian institutes for pasta makers and who have lived the Italian culinary tradition and the Mediterranean diet throughout their lives.

 Come to our stores and to our mini-food trucks. Meet our staff, chat and discover how the friendliness and typical Italian joy not only allows you to entertain yourself but also to create one of the best dishes you can ever taste!

 Smile, eat, enjoy and have fun with the members of the Maestri della Pasta family!

E-mail: info@maestridellapasta.com

Maestri Holding S.A. 12C, rue Guillaume J. Kroll L-1882 Luxembourg
Registration N° B217072 - Cap. Soc. € 333.700

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