Maestri della Pasta is entirely an Italian project: from management to marketing; from the fitters to our cooks, we are all Italians !

This is because there is a clear reason why we do our job: bringing Italy to the world and allowing you to nourish the true Italian spirit!

Only those who grew up in our country and lived it since childhood can explain it all to you. In us there is a history and a way of life strongly linked to the pleasure of genuine food and to the quality of family life.

‘Maestri della Pasta’ is the result of these experiences and based on our childhood memories, but also on the experiences of adults: when the grandmother called us at the table to eat lasagna, when the mother made the sauce at home, when the father returned home with fresh vegetables and cheese from the local artisan producer.
Still today, upon our return at home, our mother welcomes us with the familiar smell of tagliatelle with meat sauce and finding the floured rolling pin on the kitchen table!
In our premises in Italy we bring this experience, and today with Maestri della Pasta we want to share it with the whole world!

Today's life is fast: we have little or no time !
But even with such little time you can enjoy the taste of Italian home cooking and the appreciation for the flavors that characterises the family traditions.

Through Italian heatly quality of living we want to enhance the time you have available.
We want to make you feel like you're back home with us for example eating Lasagna al Ragù after a walk with friends in the sunny hills of Bologna, or Linguine al Pesto after a boat trip to the Cinque Terre in the Ligurian region or Maccheroncini all'Amatriciana after a day of tasting while admiring the beauty of the Amatrice Apennines.

The half hour you will spend with the Maestri della  Pasta, will not seem half an hour.
You will lose yourself in the experience made of intense and genuine taste, of conviviality and smiles, of pleasure, of tradition and of a healty and balanced nutrition according to what is essentially the Mediterranean diet.
Whether you want to stay home or in the office we will reach you with our delivery services, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to take away our aritsan made pasta made: fresh or dry!

We will be with you not only while you enjoy our pasta, but also throughout the day. In fact, the low glycemic index, given by the careful choice of our raw materials, makes our pasta very digestible, not weighing down and favoring the health of intestinal flora.

Feed your true Italian spirit.

Taste our Italian homemade recipes.

Become a little Italian too and enjoy the pleasure of small moments of taste thanks to our passion and our commitment to make your days tastier!


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