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Our history

During a dinner with friends, our 5 founders asked themselves "why are Italian recipes always mistreated abroad?"  A glance was enough to understand, it was time to claim the many beloved original recipes.  But where to start?

The first experience brought them to Lugano, close to home, but the desire grew gradually, to bring them to the city of London, where many Italians were waiting for a fast-casual restaurant always ready to cook a quick plate of real Italian pasta.

And here's the idea: to land where many Italians live! After some studies, they chose Luxembourg - in the center of Europe - where there is a huge community of Italians who, like them, were looking for authentic flavors. 

preparazione cucina
presentazione pasta
preparazione pasta


The food we serve at Maestri della Pasta is healthy and delicious. We use fresh ingredients and can cater for different dietary needs. Take a look at our delicious menu and contact us to book a table!



25 boulevard FW Raiffeisen Food court - Center Cloche d'Or, 2411 Luxembourg

Pasta fresca
Image by Macarena Moraga

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