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Go Italian or go home

We’re a start-up made by Italians, who want to spread our tradition’s recipes as they’re meant to be made. 

With our fast-casual restaurants, we bring abroad our fresh pasta, our quick service and our high-quality ingredients.

Our motto? “Go Italian or go home”, don’t mess with pasta.

<span class=tit-piatto>TAGLIATELLE</span>AL RAGÙ DI CARNE<span class=tit-piatto>LINGUINE</span>AL PESTO FRESCO CON FAGIOLINI E PATATE<span class=tit-piatto>MACCHERONCINI</span>ALL'AMATRICIANA<span class=tit-piatto>GNOCCHI</span>AL POMODORO<span class=tit-piatto>TORTELLONI</span>CON BURRATA, CREMA DI POMODORO FRESCO E BASILICO<span class=tit-piatto>TORTELLONI</span>RIPIENI DI SPINACI E RICOTTA CON BURRO E SALVIA<span class=tit-piatto>CAPRESE</span>POMODORO, MOZZARELLA, BASILICO<span class=tit-piatto>PARMIGIANA</span>DI MELANZANE<span class=tit-piatto>BISCOTTERIA</span>ASSORTITA<span class=tit-piatto>CRÈMEBRÛLÉE</span><span class=tit-piatto>TIRAMISÙ</span>

Our ingredients

The careful selection of locally acquired ingredients and the use of fresh produce, allows us to ensure our customers the high quality of every preparation with maximum respect to the tradition.

Maestri Holding S.A. 12C, rue Guillaume J. Kroll L-1882 Luxembourg
Registration N° B217072 - Cap. Soc. € 333.700

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