Do you love pasta? 
Then you have found the right pasta for your teeth!
In our stores and food trucks you can find authentic handmade Italian pasta – dry or fresh -
made by our professional pasta makers.
Ready in a few minutes, affordable, high quality and made according to the methods of traditional Italian cuisine.
Our pasta is highly digestible because it is made exclusively from durum wheat from Altamura (Puglia), seasoned with Parmigiano Reggiano aged 26/48 months from Malandrone (Emilia Romagna) and flavored with extra-virgin olive oil from Carmine
Same can be said for our sauces, made with high quality ingredients, for example cherry tomatoes are strictly from Pachino (Sicily) and our pine nuts from Tirrenia (Pisa) in Tuscany.
<span class=tit-piatto>TAGLIATELLE</span>AL RAGÙ DI CARNE<span class=tit-piatto>LINGUINE</span>AL PESTO FRESCO CON FAGIOLINI E PATATE<span class=tit-piatto>LASAGNE</span>AL RAGÙ DI CARNE<span class=tit-piatto>MACCHERONCINI</span>ALL'AMATRICIANA<span class=tit-piatto>GNOCCHI</span>AL POMODORO<span class=tit-piatto>TORTELLONI</span>CON BURRATA, CREMA DI POMODORO FRESCO E BASILICO<span class=tit-piatto>TORTELLONI</span>RIPIENI DI SPINACI E RICOTTA CON BURRO E SALVIA<span class=tit-piatto>CAPRESE</span>POMODORO, MOZZARELLA, BASILICO<span class=tit-piatto>PARMIGIANA</span>DI MELANZANE<span class=tit-piatto>BISCOTTERIA</span>ASSORTITA<span class=tit-piatto>CRÈMEBRÛLÉE</span><span class=tit-piatto>TIRAMISÙ</span>

Our ingredients

The careful selection of locally acquired ingredients and the use of fresh produce, allows us to ensure our customers the high quality of every preparation with maximum respect to the tradition.
mappa italiana che illustra la provenienza delle materie primeemilia-romagnatoscanamarchepugliasiciliasardegnaticinoliguriaalpi
The extra virgin olive oil that we use is produced in the best olive groves of the Marche by Del Carmine Company, a guarantee of quality and absolute genuineness.
The wheat that we use is the Durum Wheat of Altamura (Puglia) which has the particular characteristic of having a low glycemic index and can therefore be highly digestible.
Parmigiano Reggiano Malandrone is DOP and aged at least 26. We grate it every morning so that it always has an exquisite taste.
Our sauces are made here in the shop, with a pass produced from genuine tomatoes coming directly, from week to week, from the best land in Sicily.
To prepare our meat sauce, we use the best beef meats raised in Ticino. This is to ensuregeuine local meats immediately soursable.
Our mushrooms are harvested in season from the most flourishing undergrowth of the Italian Alps. By eating them you will perceive the deep flavor of hand-picked mushrooms.
The basil we use in making pesto comes exclusively from Liguria. We are so sure of respecting the traditional receipe.
The pine nuts that we use in our pesto comes directly from Tirrenia, near Pisa. The pine nuts of that area are famous for their naturalness and intense flavor.
For our Amatriciana, we use a very special Pecorino, the Pecorino Romano DOP variety, still produced with wood fire by the shepherds of the Lazio hills.
In our pasta we use vegetables to km0 in order to have the highest quality, naturalness and freshness, so you can only find Ticino's vegetables
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